Monthly Upgrade

Regular optimization of the process to further advance the system

Technical Maintenance

Ensuring that technical aspects of the system is monitored closely


Worry-free data hosting for all important logs across all business units


Monthly Report + Marketing

Reachable service team for continued engagement


Setting up the ERP with client's existing operations and policies


* All add-on fees are waived upon subscribing for a minimum of two (2) years

Process Flow


Admin: Project Set-up

  • Marketing materials
  • Pricing: Base lot, Interior price and property options
  • Property Inventory

Seller Portal: Input Client

  • Show assigned projects and marketing files
  • Show inventory using virtual map
  • Create prospect
  • Track progress of leads and conversion

Admin: Reservation

  • Convert Prospect to Client
  • Reserve Property: Reservation Form

Accounting: Account Receivable Entry

  • Update AR entry
  • Post/Approve entry

Client Portal: View Property Information

  • View property construction progress
  • View payment transaction
  • View required and submitted documents

Admin: DP Payments and Documentation

  • Pay downpayment
  • Upgrade DP documents

Construction Module: Launch Construction

  • Launch construction
  • Monitor construction progress

Purchasing: Order materials

  • Request materials
  • Check inventory
  • Order and purchase materials

Accounting: Accounts Payable Entry

  • Upgrade AP entry
  • Post entry


  • General Reports
  • Accounting reports