​Built with End User in Mind

Cornerstone, being one of the most sophisticated real estate systems in the market, is also the easiest to use. We focus on making the system as reliable as possible and you don't need to be a tech savvy to move around the system. Our years of experience in the real estate industry has led us to create a cloud software lets you do everything in one place.

Ongoing Development

We aim to make the product work for every real estate business in the industry with ease. Our team of software developers and project managers work day in and day out to refine the system, add features and other functionalities to the software.


Real estate is a very traditional industry where every business development effort and marketing strategy is being implemented traditionally. Cornerstone helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology by making the product more advance and innovative. We amplify the value of our position by customizing every feature of the system to offer a new and easy way of managing a real estate business.


We have committed to conveniently develop an innovative and out-of-the-box product that will adapt to an ever changing market trends, the one that will help real estate managers and owners solve their business problems and struggles to reach new levels of business growth.


Our vision is a technology-empowered real estate industry in the Philippines where every real estate business embraces technology to reach their full potential and new levels of success. Realization of this vision means striving to create a product that will enable businesses to move and excel above any level of competition.

Meet the Team

"Cornerstone is a software constantly evolving built by real estate software developers for real estate developers. Through the tight relationship we maintain with our clients, we are adding  features monthly in order to  solve all the pain points and making Cornerstone the most complete dedicated IT  solution for the real estate industry"

Marc-Olivier Caillot
Founder & CEO

"Cornerstone is an ecosystem, built for real estate industry. Handling your real estate business will never be the same with Cornerstone.Providing monthly updates that can help you boost your real estate business."

Charles Hernandez
Program Manager

"Real estate industry has always fascinated me in a lot of ways so when we created and developed Cornerstone, we made sure that we're not just improving this competitive industry but also providing you an automated way to control your real estate business."

Eugene Fajura
Head of Marketing

"Cornerstone automates  your real estate organization and let’s the company enjoy excellent cost benefits in one complete system"

Katherine Ruiz
Sales Manager

"Cornerstone is a comprehensive and detailed Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that supports the developers' needs starting from its main foundation  such as creating the primary details of the project up to the end payment of each buyer. It is indeed helpful and handy to all the users involved on each project such as the developers, sellers, and buyers where the full details of the project/s  are provided not just online but also available on Android applications."

Joyce Karen Valdez
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

"Cornerstone isn't just a real estate management software, but it ensures your property powered by technology"

Nico Paulo De Luna
Senior Web Developer