Why ERP is important?

by Alexandra Marie Lintag July 26, 2017
Integration of system in the company is an essential thing in the business world today. As competition arises in the market, a disjointed and not so integrated system will bring down the productivity and

profitability of the company. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one effective  way to enable integration to the business process, once implemented successfully it 
would benefit the organization’s

overall performance.
Here are some of the benefits that ERP provides in the organization’s overall performance.

Increase sales and productivity

Improve business performance of the organization by implementing an efficient planning and control system that integrates planning of all processes through organizations. Can make the organization

adaptable as the business scales and develop. Keeping close track of prospects up to closing phase through a CRM (Client Relationship Management).

Enhance Operational Performance


Access business overviews in anywhere. Help in businesses streamline variety of processes, log them and track them any time of the day.  ERP allows open communication among different

departments to coordinate and get aligned with the goals of the company. By doing this, it allows each department within the whole organization to operate in the same way. 

Disregard inefficiencies and reduce costs


Organization’s operating cost can be reduced, it integrates all parts of an organization, increases the effectiveness of operations as a result of the integration, integration on information systems which

allows free flow connection of information across the organization and enables unification of different software within the organizations.

Data Certainty

Helps maintain information in a consistent and accurate manner. Especially in organizations where various departments are not properly coordinated, information is conflicting and sometimes unreliable.

The views of different departments vary and hence the information they provide to the Manager will also differ. This sometimes leads to disorientation and wrong decisions being made. These problems

might impact revenues over a period of time, if not taken seriously. Implementing an ERP solution will assure that all information are kept and regulated in a consistent manner across all departments.

In summary, ERP solution can help in the improvement of business decision making and accomplishing required goals.  Also, it can help in various ways of business aspects to have centralized platform

that covers all the areas and play a role as a key of successful ingredient to gain competitive advantages within the organizations.