Cornerstone to Enhance Property Management Module

by Mario Cariño February 13, 2018
The primary use of property management software is to help ease the hassle of managing real estate properties by automating complex processes thus leading to saving valuable time and human efforts. A reliable system can add significant value to a real estate business in terms of productivity.
Cornerstone’s property management module is just one of the many features the system has and it’s one of the most sophisticated and easy to use modules available in the market.
And as we head towards our goal of digitalizing the real estate business landscape in the Philippines, our Property module will undergo a major enhancement that will add features and functionalities that will bolster our client’s productivity and efficiency when it comes to property management.
A Sneak Peek to Something Great
Major enhancements that will be rolled out in the next coming weeks are reporting, user experience, and overall design of the module. The main goal is to further improve the systems user-friendliness for our clients to be able to use it easily. Here are some of the enhancement that will undergo major revamps:
  1. Dashboard – After logging in and navigating to the property management module, a friendly, easy-to-use, understandable, and helpful dashboard awaits you. Major information will be placed above the fold where the admin can manage them easily.
  1. Alerts – This is something that a lot of property management software don’t have, and this usually leads to loss of data and inaccurate tracking. We decided to include this function for the admins to be notified when a property has been bought, or some materials are taken out of the inventory. This will keep the property manager updated up to the last material.
  1. Reporting – Standard reports will now be available to ease the manager’s load in generating monthly or annual reports. Standard reports will include all major elements such as the number of materials, total number of available properties, and the capability to predict future requirements.
  1. Gatepass – One of the most complex innovations so far for Cornerstone. The system will now be capable of knowing the number of visitors or tenants a unit has. This is to make sure all units are secured and homeowners are protected.
  1. Overall Design – Cornerstone team has restructured the overall design of the module to ensure great user experience.
These are just some of the major revamps Cornerstone will be making in the next few weeks.
To know more about our real estate management system, you may contact us and we can give you a free demo.