There are hundreds of software and cloud-based system providers to choose from.
However, finding one that you can count on and build a long term relationship is a
different story. Here are the reasons why you made a great decision for choosing us.




Work Anytime, Anywhere

With our cloud based system and dedicated client login feature, Cornerstone enables you to keep track of your real estate business' progress and work with your team, anytime, anywhere.


Customer Support

With the average response time of under 10 minutes, our customer suppport is the best the industry has ever had. We have a team of web developers and tech managers who are always ready to provide extensive assistance to our clients.



Cornerstone Real Estate Management System is designed to be the most secure cloud system in the market. We use top-notched cloud security solutions to protect not just our product but also the privacy of our users.


Ease of Use

Unlike other cloud or software products, Cornerstone's user interface is much more simpler, easy to use, and easy to install.


Full Access to the Software Functionalities

We don't offer packages where you have to spend a fortune in order to experience all benefits that the software provides. Once you subscribe, you will have the access to all functionalities of Cornerstone.


Monthly Reports

Our clients receive monthly upgrade report and system & server maintenance report to keep them updated with the product.


Unlimited Number of Users from the Client

Tired of choosing who's gonna be using the product and who's not? Put that worry to rest as we set no restrictions on the number of users per client. Everyone in your company will be able to use the software if need be.


Regular Upgrades

We continue to upgrade our product and implement the improvement to our clients without extra charge. Team and Core Values

Team and Core Values


Trusted by Hundreds of Developers

With our extensive experience in software development and deployment, Our team was able to gain the trust of real estate developers and companies in the country.


Industry Expertise

Simply put, we understand your business. That claim is based on years of work in support of businesses competing in the real estate industry in the country. Close collaboration with our clients and partners has given us valuable expertise that translates into another key area of trust.


Proven Effective Solutions

Leveraging our knowledge in the industry, we are able to create world-class solutions using advanced technology, making sure that the innovation we create will match your needs in every aspect of your real estate business. That has led us to build a powerful portfolio over the years.


Client Care & Satisfaction

We aim for the highest client satisfaction rate by constantly surveying our clients to make sure our product is loved. This has enabled us to build long term relationships with our clients.


Transparent Rates, Fair Margins

We make sure that you earn more than you pay us. That's why we keep our prices on a reasonable rate while we provide top notched customer support.


Commitment to Your Success

Cornerstone has a vested interest in your business' success. Everything we do in our product aims to provide efficiency and ease, thus leading you to focus more on growing your real estate business. Your success is ultimately our success!